An Hour Abroad (NYC)

  • The Magnet Theater 254 West 29th Street New York, NY, 10001 United States

Over the course of a single hour, Evan Forde Barden and I attempt to teach the crowd a foreign language and take them on a tour of a new culture. Each show features a new language instructor and a celebrity guest comedian. We use hilarious presentations, games, quizzes and even dance to help the audience understand a language more fully. You'll probably walk away speaking a few words. Recurring segments include "Guess What This Sign Says!", "What Noises Do Animals Make?", and "Heckle a Comedian", where we teach the audience to say "very good!" and "try again!" in the language and after each joke, they make a judgement call about which to shout. This month's language is Portuguese. 

I probably won't be back from LA in time to host this show but you should go anyway because it's going to be great and Evan is very funny and charming.